Nathalie M Designs

Interior Design

As a top Los Angeles-based interior design firm catering to both residential and commercial clients, our mission is clear – to create unique, highly functional spaces that reflect your personality and style.  

We listen closely to understand exactly what you’re looking for, then translate that into your vision, whether that’s playful, elegant, sophisticated or something uniquely yours.

In your home, we transform living areas into warm, relaxed retreats, kitchens into vibrant gathering spaces, and bathrooms into places of calm and refuge. Every detail, from cabinet layouts to plumbing fixtures, countertops and  flooring to curated one-of-a-kind art displays, is meticulously covered.

Our commercial design projects highlight flexible spaces for multi-unit housing, offices, and creative and functional workspaces. In close collaboration with architects and builders, our comprehensive design services cover upgrading architectural elements, reflected ceiling plans, selecting floor and wall materials and more.

It’s where you work or live. We transform it into your sanctuary or functional and creative work environment.


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